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***08-07-2024**A fire was reported in a building on Stock Exchange II Chandragarh Road ****Emergency imposed on Napa and Sakhi Hasan hydrants of Water Corporation** Several tankers filled with water have been dispatched to the accident site. CEO Water Corp** The in-charge hydrants cell is in full communication with the fire brigade authorities. Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed** Water tankers will be provided to the Karachi Fire Brigade until the fire is fully controlled. COE Water Corporation*****01-07-2024***PUBLIC NOTICE FOR / Groundwater Operator / Commercial Including Hosplitality Industries & Businessess /Healthcare Sector & Educational Institutions / Residential Complex The Karachi water and Sewerage Corporation , with the approval of its Board of Directors has framed the Groundwater ( Extraction, Comsumpion & Management) Regulations 2024 The Corporation is now inviting application from interested parties/applicants engaged or intend to engage in utilizing the ground water sources for thier potential needs . This initiative aims for sustainable and regulated use of water leading to effective conservation of groundwater resources.***-21-03-2024 ***On the special instructions of MD/CEO of Water Corporation,Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, the new website of the institution will be launched soon. ** CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The managing director played a significant role in overseeing and leading the efforts to create the new website. where public convenience and other information will be provided.**** Karachi:- ( ) CEO KWSC Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed said in a message that he is proud to highlight the progress of the Water Corporation to ensure that the water supply and sewerage needs of Karachi are met on March 22, World Water Day, despite various civic challenges ******Constomer Services Center Lower Block A Ninth Mile Karsaz Shahrah Faisal Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Phone:-021-99245138-43 Fax 021-99245190 Whatup:0319-2046357 *************** r**

Karachi:- ( ) Mayor Karachi & Chairman Water Corporation Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the actions against water thieves are going on indiscriminately across the city, under Water of Karachi to the people of Karachi، In this regard, I pay tribute to Pakistan Rangers, law enforcement agencies, Sindh Police and Water Corporation administration, There is a water shortfall in the city, despite this, they are distributing fairly for whatever water is available, there will be no compromise with water thieves, because only citizens have the right to water, the water of the people of Karachi will be delivered to them, in this regard, all illegal hydrants across the city will be demolished and illegal connections will be disconnected, and a plan has been prepared to solve the problems of waste including water supply and drainage in the city, which will be implemented soon, He expressed these views while talking to senior journalists, chief editors, editors, chief reporter and reporters at Chairman Secretariat Karsaz Water Corporation, On this occasion Deputy Mayor Karachi Salman Abdullah Murad, Representative Mayor Karachi for Political Affairs Karamullah Waqasi, CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed, COO Water Corporation Engineer Asadullah Khan, Deen Muhammad Shar, Nadeem Kirmani, Elahi Bakhsh Bhutto, Syed Sardar Shah and other high officials were present, He said that water is the main problem in local government problems of Karachi, Citizens are worried about water mafia and demand that water be available to them, there is an effort to ensure equitable distribution of water and prevent theft, while citizens are willing to pay the water bill, Mayor said that the water supply line from Hub Dam to Karachi is very old which was built in 1981, we are working on it, God willing, they will be able to get 100 mgd of water in twenty months, after which more water can be supplied to Karachi from this line, He said that efforts will be made to increase water supply from Kenjhar Lake and Hub Dam, while the K-4 project is being worked on, and the federal government is targeting to complete K-4 in October 2024, so I am not only depending on K4 but also working on Hub Dam, previous federal government stopped the work on K-4 and said that the federation will work on K-4 now, but then only time was wasted from 2018 to 2023 which was the biggest injustice to Karachi, He said that it has been 85 days and the work on the road map that we had prepared is going on, we have tried diligently to provide immediate relief to the citizens, and in this context we have started action against water mafia, while 70 FIRs have been filed so far in various operations and 75 people have been arrested, an estimated 150 illegal hydrants are operating in the city, with the help of Pakistan Rangers, law enforcement agencies, Sindh Police and Water Corporation, operations were carried out in Janjal Goth, Manghopir, Teen Hatti and Mehmoodabad, this has improved water supply in Orangi Town, New Karachi, North Karachi, DHA, Lyari and Baldia, and an estimated 1 crore gallons of water have been saved by these operations, he said that a new law has been approved by the Sindh Assembly keeping the situation of 2022 and 23 in front, under the new law, the water corporation can take action to protect its own lines, according to which, if someone operates an illegal hydrant, he will be punished for 5 years and a fine of 50 lakhs, a special court for water cases has been introduced under the new law, because the number of cases in the courts is high, we will approach the Chief Justice to make this court operational, so that immediate action can be taken against those who steal water, Mayor Karachi said that there are currently seven government hydrants running in the city, the income of which goes to the Water Corporation, introducing a metering system for water used at government hydrants, on which the meters will be installed in a few weeks, He said that they are working on projects related to water in industrial areas, because 120 MGD of water from industrial areas is going untreated into the sea, therefore, they are starting a project to treat 40 MGD of water by installing a treatment plant, by which the industries of Landhi and Korangi will be able to use this water, He said that the Water Corporation has issued 32 subsoil licenses which provide water to industrial establishments, who has an income of five crores, and we need the cooperation of the industrialists, I ask the industrialists to tell us how much water they use from the Water Corporation and how much water they use from Subsoil, He said that 52 billion rupees are owed to various institutions of Water Corporation, therefore, I request the citizens including all institutions to cooperate with the Water Corporation in paying the dues, because the pension of the retired employees of Water Corporation has liabilities of 5 billions, and the monthly income of water corporation is 120 crores, besides, Mayor Karachi also visited Hydrants Management Center Water Corporation along with senior journalists, on this occasion, he said that CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed has started Hydrants Management Center by taking an important initiative, for which I pay tribute to him, He said that 550 tankers have tracker systems and QR codes installed on the tankers windscreens, QR code will allow the public and law enforcement agencies to identify which hydrant the tanker is registered to and what is its official rates, while illegal tankers will be easily identified by QR code, by which water theft can be controlled, which is our main goal, He said action has been taken against 87 water tankers who were running as trackers, therefore, action will be taken against the tanker who is disconnected from the tracker during supply, Mayor Karachi further said that we are working for Karachi even today and GOD willing, they will continue to work for the betterment of the city according to their resources in the future.

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Previous Sodium hypochlorite is being added to the water under the direction of the Pakistan Council of Research

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