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Grand operation against illegal occupants of Water Board lands on the instructions of Sindh Local Government Minister and Chairman Karachi Water Board Syed Nasir Hussain Shah. In a joint grand operation of Karachi Water Board and police, illegal occupation of more than 20 acres of valuable land of Water Board in North East Karachi Filter Plant Colony was vacated. One inch of government land of Water Board should be protected and help should be sought from other agencies including police in this regard. Directed by MD Water Board Engineer Asadullah Khan.*******En EASE OF DOING BUSINESS REFORMS GETTING CONSTRUCTION PERMITS (KARACHI) REGARDING DOUBLE-STOREY WAREHOUSES. for more details Click Here **** 01-11-2021...CANCELLATION OF TENDER The Tender notice No. KW&SB/DPR/2021/38, for the work of "Potable water supply through Tnders to District Keamari from Mianwali Pumping Station Hydrat through tanker service District Keamari which was publish in the Daily Newspapers The same has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, the same will be re-published through press. S.E Hydrant Cell Issued by: - S.E HYDRANT CELL Public Relations Officer**

Sewerage System


Sewerage generated in City (70% of Water Supplied) 472 MGD
Optimum design capacity of Sewerage Treatment plants 150 MGD
Quantity of Sewage Treated 50 MGD
Shortfall in Sewage Treatment capacity 322 MGD
Untreated Sewage 417 MGD


Sewerage Treatment Plants 3 Nos
Major Sewerage Pumping Station 6 Nos
Sewerage Lift Pumping Station 32 Nos
Sewer Cleaning Machines Suction Machines 23 Nos Jetting Machines 23 Nos 23 Nos
Total Length of Sewers 5670Kms
Number of Manholes 250,000 Nos


Sewage Treatment plant Optimum Design Capacity (MGD) Actual Treatment MGD
Sewage Treatment Plant-I Site 51.00 mgd 20 mgd
Sewage Treatment Plant-II Mehmoodabad 46.50 mgd 0 mgd
Sewage Treatment Plant-III Mauripur 54.00 mdg 35 mdg
Total 151.50 mdg 55 mgd
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