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KARACHI**24/01/2022: Sindh Local Government Minister has issued instructions regarding arrangements for supply and drainage of water in National Stadium. ******: All arrangements for supply and drainage inside the stadium should be completed immediately before the league. Sindh Local Government Minister ******: The Water Board along with all the concerned agencies will play its full role for the success of PSL. MD Water Board ******: It is an honor for Karachi to host the national event PSL in Karachi. MD Water Board *************** Karachi: - Promotion of 352 Senior Officers of Water Board ********Promotions were made on the recommendations of the Departmental Promotion Selection Committee under the rules and regulations of the Discipline of Services. ********Officers express gratitude to Sindh Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and Vice Chairman Water Board Syed Najmi Alam ********Mohammad Saqib, Mohammad Naseem Khan, Shoaib Tughlaq, Tehseen Manzar, Manzoor Khatri, Hassan Ejaz Kazmi, Sikandar Zardari, Shakeel Qureshi, Khurram Shehzad, Imtiaz-ud-Din, Owais Malik, Mansoor Siddiqui, Waqar Hashmi are among those who have been promoted in 20th grade. involved in ********Karachi: Those who were promoted in 19th grade include Syed Sardar Shah, Syed Amir Waqar, Abdul Jabbar Sheikh, Arshad Warsi, Muhammad Shahid, Ganji, Ayaz Tanio, Asif Khan, Javed Bhutto, Razzaq Magsi, Bashir Baloch and others. En EASE OF DOING BUSINESS REFORMS GETTING CONSTRUCTION PERMITS (KARACHI) REGARDING DOUBLE-STOREY WAREHOUSES. for more details Click Here **** 01-11-2021...CANCELLATION OF TENDER The Tender notice No. KW&SB/DPR/2021/38, for the work of "Potable water supply through Tnders to District Keamari from Mianwali Pumping Station Hydrat through tanker service District Keamari which was publish in the Daily Newspapers The same has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, the same will be re-published through press. S.E Hydrant Cell Issued by: - S.E HYDRANT CELL Public Relations Officer**

Managing Director

Mr.Asadullah khan

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Engr.Zakir Ali Khan

Feb-1983 to July -1986

Engr. Abdul Qayyam Siddiqui

Jul-1986 to June-1988


Jun-1988 to Nov -1990

Engr.Abdul Baqi Siddiqui

Nov-1990 to May-1994

Mr.Badrul Hassan Raza Siddiqui

May-1994 to Feb-1995

Brig.Mansoor Ahmed SI(M)

Feb-1995 to Dec-1999

Brig.Muhammad Bahram Khan (M)

Jan-2000 to Aug-2002

Brig.Sardar Jawed Ashraf SI (M)

Aug-2002 to Aug-2003

Brig.Asif Ghazali

Sep-2003 to Apr-2004

Mr.Shahid Salim

Apr-2004 to May-2004

Brig.Iftikhar Haider

May-2004 to May-2007

Mr.Ghulam Arif Khan

May-2007 to May-2008

Mr. Muhammad Suleman Chandio

May-2008 to Sep-2008

Mr.Ghulam Arif Khan

Sep-2008 to Dec-2008


Dec-2008 to Apr-2009

Mr.Qutbuddin Sheikh

Apr-2009 to Mar-2010

Mr.Sajjad Hussain Abbasi

Mar-2010 to Jun-2011

Mr.Misbah Uddin Fareed

Jan-2011 to Aug-2013

Mr.Qutbuddin Sheikh

Aug-28-2013 to Feb-9th -2014

Mr.Imran Asif

Feb-10-2014 to Feb-12-2014

Mr.Qutbuddin Sheikh

Feb-13-2014 to Dec-22-12-2014

Mr.Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi

Dec-23-12-2014 to Feb-05-02-2015

Mr.Qutbuddin Sheikh

Feb-06-02-2015 to Apr-30-04-2015

Mr.Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi

Apr-04-05-2015 to Aug-27-08-2015

Mr.Sajjad Hussain Abbasi

Aug-28-08-2015 to Sep-11-09-2015

Mr.Misbah Uddin Farid

Sep-11-09-2015 to March 07-03-2017

Mr.Muhammed Ramzan Awan

March 08-03-2017 to March 13-03-2017

Mr.Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi

March 14-03-2017 to 27-02-2018

Mr.Khalid Mehmood Shaikh

07-03-2018 to 11-02-2019

Mr.Asadullah Khan

02-2019 to 15-07-2020

Mr.Khalid Mehmood Shaikh

16-07-2020 to 25-09-2020

Mr.Asadullah Khan

26-09-2020 to till

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