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***12-02-2024**A delegation of thirty-eight officers from departments attached to federal, provincial and autonomous bodies is visiting various institutions of the country under a special training program. ****The purpose of the visit is to enhance the capacity of the officers, increase their professional skills to take on more responsibility. ****The purpose of the delegation's visit to the Water Corporation is to see and shed light on the water supply and drainage system in the mega city. ***The purpose of the visit is to give the delegation an opportunity to study the administrative structure of various institutions and the economic conditions of the country. **** The delegation appreciated the efforts of the CEO Water Corporation for setting up the Hydrants Management Center and presented a shield in appreciation to him.**** CEO Water Corporation gave a detailed briefing to the delegation about Hydrants Management Center and other issues including reforms in Water Corporation. Interpreter *****Dated 06-02-2024***Karachi:- ( ) On the special instructions of CEO KW&SC Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed, the KW&SC officials have completed all arrangements for water supply and sewerage across the city in connection with the general elections to be held on February 8, 2024.. ****According to the spokesperson of KW&SC, various complaints of drainage have been eliminated around all the polling stations established across the city, while the work of desalting and cleaning with Jetting and Suction machines of sewage lines and manholes around the possible polling stations is going on rapidly. ******Constomer Services Center Lower Block A Ninth Mile Karsaz Shahrah Faisal Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Phone:-021-99245138-43 Fax 021-99245190 Whatup:0319-2046357 *************** r**

15 جولائی 2023 / میڈیا سیل / ایم ڈی / سی ای او / کراچی واٹر اینڈ سیوریج کارپوریشن

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کراچی:- ( ) سی ای او واٹر کارپوریشن انجینئر سید صلاح الدین احمد نے واضح پیغام میں کہا ہے کہ شہر بھر تمام غیر قانونی ہائیڈرنٹس مسمار اور کنیکشن منقطع کیے جائیں گے جبکہ پانی چور کتنا بھی طاقتور کیوں نہ ہو اسے چھوڑنے کا سوال ہی پیدا نہیں ہوتا، انہوں نے کہا آپریشن کے لیے مکمل حکمت عملی بنائی گئی ہے جس کے تحت آپریشن کیا جارہا ہے اور پیر تک مزید غیر قانونی ہائیڈرنٹس مسمار کیے جائیں گے، انکا مزید کہنا تھا کہ چہوٹے بڑے تمام غیر قانونی ہائیڈرنٹس مسمار کیے جائیں گے کیونکہ پانی چوروں کے خلاف آپریشن بلا تفریق کیا جارہا ہے۔

Karachi:- ( ) CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed has said in a clear message that all illegal hydrants across the city will be demolished and disconnected, However, no matter how powerful the water thief is, there is no question of leaving him, He said that a complete strategy has been made for the operation, Under which the operation is being done and by Monday, more illegal hydrants will be demolished, He further said that all illegal hydrants, big and small, will be demolished because the operation against water thieves is being carried out indiscriminately.

جاری کردہ:- عبدالقادر شیخ
پبلک ریلیشنز آفیسر (پی-آر-او)
کراچی واٹر اینڈ سیوریج کارپوریشن

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Previous Water Board demolished 26 illegal hydrants and disconnected 36 illegal connections

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