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***08-07-2024**A fire was reported in a building on Stock Exchange II Chandragarh Road ****Emergency imposed on Napa and Sakhi Hasan hydrants of Water Corporation** Several tankers filled with water have been dispatched to the accident site. CEO Water Corp** The in-charge hydrants cell is in full communication with the fire brigade authorities. Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed** Water tankers will be provided to the Karachi Fire Brigade until the fire is fully controlled. COE Water Corporation*****01-07-2024***PUBLIC NOTICE FOR / Groundwater Operator / Commercial Including Hosplitality Industries & Businessess /Healthcare Sector & Educational Institutions / Residential Complex The Karachi water and Sewerage Corporation , with the approval of its Board of Directors has framed the Groundwater ( Extraction, Comsumpion & Management) Regulations 2024 The Corporation is now inviting application from interested parties/applicants engaged or intend to engage in utilizing the ground water sources for thier potential needs . This initiative aims for sustainable and regulated use of water leading to effective conservation of groundwater resources.***-21-03-2024 ***On the special instructions of MD/CEO of Water Corporation,Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, the new website of the institution will be launched soon. ** CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The managing director played a significant role in overseeing and leading the efforts to create the new website. where public convenience and other information will be provided.**** Karachi:- ( ) CEO KWSC Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed said in a message that he is proud to highlight the progress of the Water Corporation to ensure that the water supply and sewerage needs of Karachi are met on March 22, World Water Day, despite various civic challenges ******Constomer Services Center Lower Block A Ninth Mile Karsaz Shahrah Faisal Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Phone:-021-99245138-43 Fax 021-99245190 Whatup:0319-2046357 *************** r**

18 جولائی 2023 / میڈیا سیل / ایم ڈی / سی ای او / کراچی واٹر اینڈ سیوریج کارپوریشن

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Karachi:- ( ) CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed took immediate notice on receiving the report of fire in Korangi Allah Wala Town Cardboard Factory and imposed emergency on landhi future hydrant of Water Corporation, according to the spokesperson of Water Corporation, on the instructions of the CEO of Water Corporation, Hydrants Cell dispatched several tankers filled with water to the accident site and the Incharge Hydrants Cell remained in full communication with the fire brigade authorities while the Focal Person Hydrants Cell itself was monitoring the operation, CEO Water Corporation further directed that water tankers should be provided free of cost to the fire brigade authorities until the fire is fully controlled So that citizens can be saved from a major tragedy
کراچی:-( ) سی ای او واٹر کارپوریشن انجینئر سید صلاح الدین احمد نے کورنگی اللہ والا ٹاؤن گتے کی فیکٹری میں آتشزدگی کی اطلاع اطلاع ملنے پر فوری نوٹس لیتے ہوئے واٹر کارپوریشن کے لانڈھی فیوچر ہائیڈرنٹ پر ایمرجنسی نافذ کردی، ترجمان واٹر کارپوریشن کے مطابق سی ای او واٹر کارپوریشن کی ہدایت پر ہائیڈرنٹس سیل نے حادثے کے مقام پر پانی سے بھرے متعدد ٹینکرز روانہ کیے گئے اور انچارج ہائیڈرنٹس سیل فائر بریگیڈ حکام سے مکمل رابطے میں رہے جبکہ فوکل پرسن ہائیڈرنٹس سیل خود آپریشن کی نگرانی کر رہے تھے، سی ای او واٹر کارپوریشن نے مزید ہدایت دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ آگ پر مکمل قابو پائے جانے تک فائر بریگیڈ حکام کو بلامعاوضہ پانی کے ٹینکرز فراہم کیے جائیں تاکہ شہریوں کو کسی بڑے سانحے سے بچایا جا سکے۔

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