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Consequent upon reorganization (Basic Departmental  ) in KWSB in accordance with the advice of World Bank with a view to improve over all working and efficiency of the Organization, the Board in exercise of its powers conferred upon vide Section 142 of SLG(A) Ordinance 1983 has resolved to approve the schedule of delegation of financial and administrative powers framed by the Human Resources Development &  Administration Department (Mr. Iqbal Uddin Kazi & Mr. S.A. Bukhari) vide Resolution No. 02 dated 03-06-1991 (Confirmed vide Res.No. 01 Dated 15-06-1991 with immediate effect subject to the following condition. Availability of budget provision / funds/posts
  • Control and instructions of the Chairman and M.D.
  • The rules / instruction of the Govt of Sindh.
  • Concurrence of the Finance Department in all the cases involving financial implication / expenditure.
  • Vetting by the HRDA Department in all the cases of administrative nature.
Veting by the Law Department KWSB in alla the matters where legal opinion is required. Verification of title, in the administrative matters involving financial implication by. Accountant / Divisional Accountant (incases of Divisional Office level) Circle Accountant / AAO (in cases of Circle Office level) IAO/ADA (in case of Directorate /DMD/MD/Chairman level) In Cases where difference of opinion arises, the proposal shall be referred to the next higher authority. Powers for acceptance of tenders are restricted to the lowest tender only provided further that the amount of tender does not exceed the sanctioned estimate in case acceptance is accorded by the EE, SE and DCE whereas Directors /DMD/MD/Chairman may accept tenders exceeding the sanctioned estimate to the extent they are empowered to sanction estimate. In case of non-acceptance of lowest tender, approval of the next higher authority will be required. Note: Director Development will exercise the same powers as were exercisable by the project Director (FAP) in accordance with The Board’s Resolution No. 05 Dated:- 18-09-1988.


01 WORKS     Reference of Law / Rules
  Administrative approval of works/repairs/maintenance 

D.M.D (Tech. Services)     


Dy.Chief Engineer             

Supdt. Engineer

Upto Rs.2.0  million          

Upto Rs.1.0  million           

Upto Rs.1.0  million        

Upto Rs.0.50 million       

Upto Rs.0.20 million

Sanction 124 (V) of SLG (AO-1983)
02 Technical Sanction for Original works/repairs/maintenance

D.M.D (Tech. Services)     

Dir. BT/WD/Sew/E&M         Dy.Chief Engineer              

Supdt. Engineer                 Executive Engineer

Upto Rs.2.0  million          

Upto Rs.1.0  million           

Upto Rs.0.05 million        

Upto Rs.0.20 million       

Upto Rs.0.05 million

03 Acceptance of tenders upon recommendation of Tender Committee.

D.M.D (Tech. Services)     

Dir. BT/WD/Sew/E&M         Dy.Chief Engineer             

Supdt. Engineer                Executive Engineer

Upto Rs.2.0   million          

Upto Rs.1.0   million           

Upto Rs.0.05  million        

Upto Rs.0.20  million       

Upto Rs.0.05  million

04 Vetting non-standard clauses in agreement for works / consultancies                                              —- Technical (Non Recommendation of Tender Committee.                                                       – Financial (non recommendation of Tender Committee.                                                       -Legal

D.M.D (Tech. Services)     

D.M.D (Finance)            

Director Legal Affairs

Full Powers

Full Powers

Full Powers

As per Procedure
05 Scrutiny of tender for schemes and works Tender Committee Full Powers ————-do————
06 Award consultancy contracts upon recommendation of Tender Committee / Committee Chairman                        Managing Director            D.M.D (Tech. Services)

Full Powers                     

Upto 1.0 million               

Upto 0.5 million

Sanction 124 (V) of SLG (AO-1983)
07 Opening of Tenders Tender Opening Committee Full Powers As per Procedure
08 Special Powers in emergencies  D.M.D (Tech. Services) Upto Rs.0.5 million Section 124 (v) of SLG (A) O-1983 Under para-58 of CPWD Code.
09 Sanction of the amount in excess of the sanctioned estimate. D.M.D (Tech. Services) Upto 3% Section 124 (v) of SLG (A)O-1983
10 Extend the time for completion of contractors Chairman                        Managing Director             D.M.D (Tech. Services)

Upto 6 months               

Upto 3 months                 

Upto 1 months

Rules 69 of M.C. (Works) Rules
11 Formation of Tender Committee Managing Director              (in consultation with Chairman KWSB) Full Power As Per Procedure


(a) Enlistment & De-listment of :PTMO’S  Hospital/Medical Stores / Labs etc.                     

(b) Sanction of fee & charges:For Operation /CT Scan/ Ultrasound (not provided in the approval rate list)                                                       

(c) Signing of bills as DDO (based on approval rate).



Managing Director

Director Medical

Full Power


Rs. 5000             

Above Rs. 5000

Full Powers



Appoint Staff in specified grades                     

Grade 1-7  —————————————

Grade 8-14 ————————————–

Grade 15-16————————————-

Grade 17 & above——————————– 


Director Personnel    


Managing Director           



Full Powers                     

Full Powers                    

Full Powers                     

Full Powers

Sanction 138 of SLG (A) O-1983 read with Rule 6 (1) & (2) of KWSB Employees (AP&T) Rules 1987.

(i) Sanction of                                               

(a) Leave / LPR / Leave encashment                  

(b) Annual increment                                       

(c) Advance increment on higher qualification        

(d) Conveyance allowance.                               

(e) PTA                                                          

(f) Funeral Charges                                         

(g) Late sitting allowance                                  

(h) Overtime upto 50% of Basic Pay                    

(i) Pension / commutation                                 

(ii) Allowing :                                                  

(a) Transfer / Posting                                      

(b) Move-over to next higher scale                     

(c) Fixatin of pay                                            

(d) Termination of probationary period                 

(e) Suspension /Reinstatement                           

(f) Pre-mature retirement of request                   

(g) Acceptance of Resignation                           

(iii) Act as authorized officer         

– Upto BS-05                                            

– Upto BS-11                                           

– Upto BS-16                                            

– Upto Bs-17                                                  

– Upto BS-19                                                   

 All BS


SE/Dir . Tax

/ Dir. Acc


/Dir. Per/Dir.



Dir. Tr.  

Dir. Dev/

Dir. BT/

Dir. WD/

Dir. S/

Dir. E&M/Dir.Rev./Secy  DMDs                             Managing Director               Chairman

  Some as quoted against Sr. No. 13                          

(a) Transfer / Posting outside the Deptt. will be subject to NOC from the  Concerned Deptt.

(b) Over time above 50% of Basic Pay may be allowed by the next higher authority only in exceptional to be recorded.


Replaced as CE’s vide Secretary orders dt. 16-12-1991.

15 Write ACR’S of Subordinate departmental Staff


EXPLANATION:-                                                 * Reporting Officer in respect of Accountant / Divisional Accounatant  / Asst. Acct. Officer / Acct. Officer posted in Engineering /Taxes Deptt. Will be EE/SE/DCE/Dir. Or DDT / DT/Dir. Revenue respectively but counter signing officers will be Director Accounts and DMD Fin.                           

* In case of Admn. Officer O.S / Asst. / Clerk conter signing officer will be Director Personnel / Dir. Admn and DMD-HRDA.

* In case of Engg. Officer / Staff posted in admin or Taxes Deptt. The counter signing officers will be Director Engg./ DMD-TS

Supervisor Officer

Next two higher officers

Full powers as reporting officer.                           Full powers as counter signing officer. Same as quoted against Sr.No.3

Sanction of ex-Pakistan leave

Upto BS-16



Full Powers Sindh Govt. leave Rule 1980 Subject to verification of entitlement by IAO/Dir Acct/DMD (F)
17 Hear appeals against disciplinary action. Next higher authority Full Powers Rule 12 of KWSB Employee E&D ) Rules 1987.
18 Sanction of contingent expenditure  budgeted.


All other DMDS                

Dir. BT/WD/E&M/Sew         

All other Director / Sec

  Concerned XEN

Upto Rs.0.15 million         

Upto Rs.0.05 million          

Upto Rs.0.10 million          

Upto Rs.0.025 million       

Upto Rs.3000/-

Sanction 122 (2) (ii) SLGO(A)-1983
19 Law charges (per case) Managing Director Full Powers ————do————-
20 Compensation in lawsuits (per case). Chairman Full Powers ————do————-
21 Purchasing Powers. DMD (TS) Full Powers ————do————-
22 Miscellaneous:                                             Disconnection of water connection of defaulters DDT / ADT Full Powers Section 124 (iii) of SLG(A)-1983
23 Restoring water connection without realization of dues on consent reasons to be recorded. Director Revenue Full Powers ————do————-
24 Allowing payment of water charges bill in equal monthly installments.

DMD (Finance)                

Director Revenue              

Director Taxes                Dy.Dir.Taxes

Full Powers                     

Full powers                     

(but not beyond the financial year                           

Upto 6 Nos.                 

Upto 4 Nos.

 Section 124 (ii) of SLG(A) O-1983
25 Waiving of surcharge  on arrears or current water charges DMD (Finance) Full Powers Section 124 (IV) of SLG(A)O -1983
26 Signing of distress warrant to defaulters Dy.Dir. Taxes Full Powers Rules 5 of WPMS (recovery of Tax ) Rules 1962.
27 Signing of auction Notice for cutting on auction property of defaulters Director Revenue Full Powers Rules 8 (i) of WPMC (Recovery of Tax ) Rules 1962
28 Restoring water connection without realization of dues on cogent reasons to be recorded. Director Revenue Full Powers Rules 1962. Section 124 (iii) of SLGA(O-1983)
29 Adjustment of excess prevent of water charges (subject to verification from Bank scroll by the IOA) DMD (Finance)                   Director Revenue Full Powers                       As per procedure
30 Fix reserve prices for sale of scrapped assets (per lot) upon recommendation of Disposal Committee. Chairman Full Powers Rules of WPMC (Recovery of Tax) Rules 1962.
31 Disbursement through impress (on single item at a time)

Director BT/WD/S/E&M      Concerned SE / Secy        Concerned XEN / Manager   Director Training               

All other Directors

Full Powers Section 124 (iv) of SLGA O-1983
32 Allotment of official residential accommodation to officers & Staff. Director Administration Full Powers As per procedure
33 Allocation of official vehicle for official use. Director Administration Full Powers ————do————-
34 Allocation of monthly quota of petrol / diesel for official vehicle. Director Administration Full Powers ————do————-
35 Sanction of water tanker trips of drinking purpose only. Director Water Distt. Full Powers Section 124(i) of SOGA O-1983

Holding cash impress:                                       

(a) for office contingent expenses only  


(b) to meet expenses on emergent repair / maintenance and office contingent expenses.


Director Dev/BT/WD/S/E&M Director Admn. Tr./PRO     

Director Per./Med/Rev/Acct CEd / Secy                      

All other Directors


EE (M&E Div)/workshop Div  ..DEC/SE

Rs. 3000/-                      

Rs. 5000/-                      

Rs. 10000/-                      

Rs. 5000/-        

Rs. 3000/-                      

Rs. 500/-  

Rs. 15000/-                    

Rs. 10000/-

Section 124(V) of SLGA O-1983
37 Sign. Cheques – first Signatory DMD (Finance)                  Director Accounts             Accounts Officer              (Authorized by DMD-F

Full Powers                      

Full Powers                    

Upto Rs. 0.2 million

As per procedure
38 Sign. Cheques – 2nd  Signatory DMD (Technical. Serv.)        Director BT/WD/S/E&M        Concerned

Full Powers                      

Upto Rs. 1.0 million

As per procedure

Approve advance to :                                        

– Contractor / Consultants                                  

– Staff from  SP Fund                                        

– Purchase vehicles                                           


-EE (Store) for purchase against approved rate contract.

Managing Director          

DMD (TS)                      

DMD (HRD&A)                    Director Accounts

Full Powers                      

Full Powers                       

Full Powers                       

Full Powers

Section 124 (v) of SLGA O-1983
40 Signing of attachment order Director Revenue Full Powers                       Rule of WPMC (Recovery of Tax ) Rules 1962
41 Fixing of upset of a property which has put to auction on non-payment of KWSB DMD (Finance)                  Full Powers Rule of WPMC (Recovery of Tax) Rules 1962.
42 Sanction of water connection for domestic purpose on residential  plot/house (pto 6+2) on production of KDA’S approved Building Plan  (excluding flat site / multistoried  Building  Commercial  & Industrial.       

(a) 1/2 ” dia                                                    

(b) 3/4″  dia


EE Concerned                   

SE Concerned


Full Powers                     

Full Powers

Section 124 (i) of SLGA O-1983
42-A Sanction of water connection for domestic / commercial purpose on residential  / commercial plot /house/high-rise Building  as well as for Industrial plot/factory subject to the recommendation of the  Broad Based Committee.                                      

(a) Upto 1″ dia                                                

(b) 1 1/2″ dia & 2 dia                                         

(c) 3″ dia                                                        

(d) 4″ dia



Director WD                  

DMD (TS)                         Managing Director               Chairman



Full Powers                     

Full Powers                      

Full Powers                    

Full Powers