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***Dated 12-10-2023***Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation has stepped up its mission to further expand its revenue and tax database. In this regard, on the instructions of CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed, DMD RRG Water Corporation Syed Imran Zaidi wrote a letter to the Sindh Building Authority.****Dated: ** 10-10-2023**CEO Water Corporation briefed the caretaker Home Minister of Sindh on joint operations by Pakistan Rangers and Water Corporation against illegal hydrants. ******CEO Water Corporation informed the caretaker Home Minister of Sindh about the actions against illegal hydrants from June to October 2023. ******Caretaker Home Minister Sindh appreciated the steps taken by Pakistan Rangers and Water Corporation against illegal hydrants. ******The caretaker Home Minister of Sindh also visited the modern Hydrants Management Center control room of Water Corporation. ******CEO Water Corporation gave a briefing on the benefits of modern hydrants management center and its monitoring mechanism. ******Caretaker Interior Minister Sindh paid tribute to CEO Water Corporation for setting up Hydrants Management Center. The caretaker Home Minister of Sindh expressed happiness over the performance of Water Corporation and other reforms brought in the institution. Interpreter*******04-10-2023*Good news for the citizens of Karachi***CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed took an important step keeping in mind the problems of the citizens****The general public service quota has been increased by 50% on all government hydrants of the Water Corporation.****600,000 gallons of water per day will be provided under the general public service at the seven government hydrants of the Water Corporation. Elah Bakhsh Bhutto****Earlier, 400,000 gallons of water per day was supplied under general public service from government hydrants. In charge Hydrants Cell*****Earlier, a total of 2.8 million gallons of water was provided in all the seven districts, which has been increased to 4.2 million gallons. In charge Hydrants Cell*****Joint operations of Pakistan Rangers and Water Corporation have eradicated illegal hydrants. CEO Water Corp****The removal of illegal hydrants has increased the demand for water from official hydrants of the Water Corporation. Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed*****Providing better water supply and drainage facilities to citizens is one of our top priorities. CEO Water Corp ********The restoration of the affected line should be completed on an emergency basis. Directed by CEO Water Corporation Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed*** ******Constomer Services Center Lower Block A Ninth Mile Karsaz Shahrah Faisal Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Phone:-021-99245138-43 Fax 021-99245190 Whatup:0319-2046357 *************** r**



From Federal and Provincial Governments Note   Year-2003 Year-2002
Grant-in-aid 2.4 2,128,052,3462,148,109,388
Grant-in-funding  9.1 3,534,150,504 3,534,150,504
Grant from GOS  9.2  1,902,359,0001,002,359,000
Total 7,564,561,850 6,684,618,892
From Over seas Development Association 327,350,827   327,350,827
Greater 100 MGD Water Supply (KIII)  500,000,000500,000,000
Total========================>8,391,912,677 7,511,969,719
9.1 Represents receipts from Government of Pakistan (GOP) as counter part funding for projects which are being executed under loans from International Lending Agencies.

9.2 Represents the amount adjusted by the Federal Adjuster (GOP) out of the monthly releases of GOS ON account of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC), dues payable by the Board vide (GOS) letter No.FD(W&M-I) 14(16) /95, dated April 23, 1996 and furher confirmation by Chief Controller of Billing (KESC) Previously this amount was treated as liability, now the management of the Board is of the view that this amount will not be demanded by the GOS, thus, it is no longer be considered as payable 

Long Term Loans Note   Year-2003 Year-2002
International lending agencies10.123,601,650,33822,311,056,938
Provincial Government loan transferred from KDA  104,882,647106,062,647
Loan from Government of Sindh 57,977,00057,977,000
International lending agencies
International Development Association (IDA)
–1374 PAK 
Financial charges(10,801,395)(20,997,180)
–1652 PAK
Financial charges583,296,936576,102,733
–1987 PAK
Financial charges6,135,843,6455,354,368,311
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
–SF-793 PAK
Financial charges332,729,417327,672,270
–SF-1001 PAK
Financial charges1,470,410,9781,276,552,487
Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC)   
Financial charges901,377,983839,059,106
Overseas Economic Co-operation Fund (OECF) 
Financial charges81,806,54351,102,455
Financial charges include commitment and services charges on corresponding loans, and is payable through GOP in Pak Rupees
Consumer’s Deposits
Balance as July 01 142,853,602129,731,979
Received during the year13,700,47113,121,623
Balance as at June 30156,554,073142,853,602
The above consumer’s deposits amount represents security deposits received from consumers
Current Maturity of Long-Term Loans
International lending agencies12.11,356,456,9531,021,536,953
Provincial Government loan transferred from KDA27,347,39926,167,400
International lending agencies
FAP loan IDA 1374-Pak
Financial  Charges457,349,627412,339,627
FAP loan IDA 1652-Pak
Financial  Charges396,939,625321,159,625
Less : Payment made against loan12.-1.1(145,000,000)(145,000,000)
CDC L 2747-01
Financial  Charges62,320,000
FAP loan IDA 793-Pak
Financial  Charges267,159,730203,189,730
Payment made against loan
Year 1999-200040,000,00040,000,000
Year 1999-200140,000,00040,000,000
Year 2001-2002 (against L-2747 CDC)65,000,00065,000,000
Total 145,000,000145,000,000
Short Term Deposits
Creditors, Accrued and Other Liabilities——-
Creditors (for works executed)—-5,056,648  7,241,064
Accrued liabilities 14.1212,670,477 415,039,744
Payable to employees -net 14.237,098,32712,780,165
Other liabilities  –  –  4,165,537
Total========================>     254,825,452  439,226,510
Accrued liabilities
Interest on loans transferred from KDA and KWSB54,261,450 54,261,450
Medical expenses1,881,091
Gas Charges to Indus Gas   2,519,020 2,910,080
Auditor’s remuneration 1,280,000640,000
Payable to KESC153,764,123355,347,123
Income Tax Payable362,904  –
Zakat Payable482,980 –
Total========================> 212,670,477  415,039,744
Payable to employees-Net 37,098,327 12,780,165

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