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*Dated: **07-06-2023**CEO KW&SB Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed is meeting with PP leader and former federal minister Dr. Muhammad Asim Hussain.**27-04-2023 *****COO Water Board Engineer Asadullah Khan, Syed Imran Zaidi, Muhammad Saqib, Sajid Nizam and other officers and employees of Water Board participated in the opening ceremony*****On the occasion of the opening ceremony, CEO Water Board and COO Water Board unfurled the flag and prayed for the development of the beloved country of Pakistan.*****Inshallah, the additional revenue that will come to the water board will be spent only on the improvement of the employees. COO Water Board Engineer Asadullah Khan****Providing better medical facilities and healthy environment to the employees is one of our top priorities. CEO Water Board Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed****Health cards will also be given to the employees so that they can get better facilities for timely treatment. CEO Water Board Engineer Syed Salahuddin*****All officers and employees of the Water Board are standing together. Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed***** ***Strict legal action will be taken against all the accused involved in the theft to bring them to justice. CEO Water Board********* *******The Water Board is working well under the supervision of CEO/MD Water Board Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed and COO Water Board Engineer Asadullah Khan. Sindh Local Government Minister ******Constomer Services Center Lower Block A Ninth Mile Karsaz Shahrah Faisal Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Phone:-021-99245138-43 Fax 021-99245190 Whatup:0319-2046357 *************** r**

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Sr No.NameDesignationOffice No.Mobile
01Mr. Syed Nasir Hussain Shah Chairman KWSB99245124————-
02Mr. Asadullah khanM.D KW&SB99245154 
03Mr. D.M.D T.S99245146 
04Mr.Suleman ChandioAdvisor to Minister , LG9245124-5 
05Mr.Naimatullah MeharS.O to Chairman , KWSB——- 
06Mr.Waqar HashmiD.M.D (HRD&A)99245159 
07Mr.Ilahi Bux BhuttoSO to MD99240802 
08Mr.Amir WaqarTSO to MD99245080 
09Mr.Tariq KhanMD OFFICE (Addentder)9924515-4————–
10Mr. Zafar PalijoCE.BT/WTM/ (65-MGD) —————–
11Mr.  Ayub ShaikhP.D-KWSSIP /Focal Person  WB99245136—————–
12Mr. Asad ZaminPD -KIV Project99245160—————–
13Mr.Mohd. Hanif BalochPD -SIII99240873—————
14Hasan Ejaz KazmiPD-100 / CPS99245133—————
15Ms.Frida SalamDMD (P)99245134—————
15Mr..Shoaib Tughlaq 99231464—————–
16Mr.Muhammad SaqibDMD (F) /RRG99245142—————–
17Mr. Abdul Ghani ShaikhDirector-IT /GIS99231460-59—————–
18Mr.Hashmatullah SiddiquiDirector Planning—————–—————–
19Mr. Tahseen ManzarDirector (I &C) —————
20Mr. Imran ZaidiDirector Accounts99230320—————
21Mr.Dr. Essa RazaDirector Medical Services99240821—————
22Mr. Mohsin QaimkhaniDirector Billing -RRG99245141—————
23Mr.Nisar MagsiDirector Bulk Billing -RRG——————————
21Mr. Roshan DeenS.E Distt:East -A—————0333-2245861
22Mr.S.E Distt:East -B992312210333-2222608
23Mr.Anwar Ali MemonS.E Distt:South-A / LYARI—————0300-2636342
24Mr.Aftab ChandioS.E Distt:South-B—————0300-2950117
25Mr.M.Ali ShaikhS.E Distt:Central-A—————0321-2791251
26Mr.Ovasi MalikS.E Distt:Central-B—————0321-9269683
27Mr.GM HUBS.E Distt: West-A&B—————0334-3036155
28Mr.Aslam AwanS.E Distt: Korangi992303180321-2286585
29Mr. Asif Qadir S.E -WTM-I ————–
30Mr.Usman  KhaskheliS.E Distt: Malir99230317—————
31Mr.Nasir Ahmed MagsiDirector-Bulk Billing————–—————–
32Mr. Shakeel QureshiP.D / PTCL99243856—————–
33Mr. Ovais MalikP.D RO PLANTS————-—————–
34Mr.Imtiaz UddinPD-CETP—————————–
35Mr.Ghulam Qadir AbbasCE – (Water)99245130 
36Mr.Saeed Shaikh CE-(Sewerage) —————–
37Mr.Intekhab RajputCE-E&M-Water————-—————–
38Mr.Mohsin QaimkhaniDir-Billing-RRG99245141—————–
39Mr.Dr.Essa RazaDir-Medical Service——————————–
40Mr. Nisar MagsiDir-Bulk-RRG——————————
41Mr.Hashmatullah SiddiquiDir- Personnel / Administration—————————–
42Mr.Nasim Khan Dir-(Admin) HRD&A99231463—————–
43Mr.Imran ZaidiDir-Accounts99230320 
44Mr.Rizwzan HaiderDir-Public Relation99240821—————-
45Mr.Tabish RazaS.E Hydrant  Cell992450200321-2000585
46Mr.Col.Zia ZaidiCheif Security Officer (CSO)992403200333-5692606