Thursday, February 21, 2019
| 8:41:26 AM

**KWSB DMD Asadullah Khan Given  Charge Of Managing Director****Special complaint centers are being set up for  complaints related to water & Sewerage , MD Waterboard****Machines will be available for the drainage complaints on the roads, ***The repair of all the broken gutters of the city, the holding of balls and color slabs on main holes has been started on an emergency basis, **** KWSB’s Tanker and Hydrant Cell formed the online centre on the instructions of Managing Director (MD)  Now the citizens can call from 9 AM to 5 PM to get a water tanker delivered to their homes and they won’t have to stand in long lines. The following telephone numbers have been issued for the purpose:  DISTRICTWEST*KORANGI*MALIR*SOUTH*99240893*99240892*99240891*99240802*99245152*99245178  *9AM TO 5PM* ****DISTRICT CENTERL *99333060*99333061*99333062*99333063****DISTRICT EAST **34811162*34811163*34811165****Big and small, saving water, helps us all***.Waterboard 30 imported auto-modern chlorideers imported from filter plants and pumping stations to protect citizens from other diseases including Neollyria*